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Pilates – the soft workout method

Pilates is a soft, yet very effective workout method for the entire body as well as for the soul – a systematic body workout invented and developed by Joseph H. Pilates. Single muscles or groups of muscles  are specifically activated, relaxed or stretched. It‘s not the quantity but the quality of the Pilates exercises that counts. Breathing is coordinated with the movements.

Special focus is laid on the centre oft he body. Exercising the deep pelvic and waist muscles improves the mobility. As a result pelvic and shoulder area can be twisted in opposite directions more freely. By activating the center of your force (powerhouse) pelvic and waist – as a sideeffect, so to speak – get slimmer. Pilates gets muscles and joints back in shape without straining them.

Those who do Pilates will soon change their habits of movement as well as their posture, like that integrating the workout into every day life. Furthermore, a lot of Pilates exercises can be used during usual daily activities or different kinds of sport. People who do Pilates seem taller, more erect, more relaxed and slimmer – simply more natural.

Pilates machine – the Reformer





The Reformer is one of the workout machines developed by Joseph Pilates himself which can be used to perform more than 500 Pilates exercises. Five big steel feathers allow individual resistance. As a result the workout stays adjustable to the workout goals as well as the indiviual physical condition.

On a rolling sitting or lying area connected to linkages, flowing and controlled movements are performed precisely. The feathers build a resistance function as strength component which therefor – depending on the kind of exercise –  help to increase mobility and stretching. A lot of exercises known from the mat-workout can be found in a modified version within the Reformer repertoire. Machine and mat-workouts interact in a positive way. Using the Reformer you can enjoy the benefits of the Pilates workout even faster and more intensively than a classic mat-workout would provide them. Independendly of age or workout level you exercise your strength, mobility, balance and coordination.

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